Edward Mullen
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ZERO - a Cyberpunk Thriller - Now Available in print and digital

Oxygen is the new currency. Those who have it, survive. Those who don't, die.

Living in a rundown part of town of a once hyper-connected city, recovering drug addict, Kade Casey is a rider for hire. Kade's main employer, a ruthless dictator who controls the city, has a new assignment for him - deliver a mysterious package of great value.

A tempting offer, but Kade assesses the risks. Along the way are endless dangers from lawless bands of scavengers, environmental hazards, equipment failure, and overcoming physical limitations.

The Rider is a pulse-pounding cyberpunk thriller set in a futuristic world. The story of an unlikely hero destined to restore hope in humanity, but first he must restore it within himself.

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