Edward Mullen
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Nick and Amy have a great life — they live together, play together, and have just planned their European trip for the summer. On the first leg of their trip, they set off to Bucharest, Romania.

On one of their guided tours, they break off from the pack and soon discover that everyone has mysteriously vanished without explanation and without a trace — not just the people in their tour, but everyone in the world.

Confused and deeply saddened by this strange turn of events, the young couple try to make the most of the situation. The internet still works, but isn’t getting updated, the town's fuel supply will likely last them a lifetime, and there’s enough food so they will never go hungry. They have no choice but to adapt to this new life they have been thrust into, but all the while there is something unsettling about the unexplained disappearance of every person on the planet.

They wanted adventure, and they found it. But this is just the beginning…